Wing Chun is fighting system that was developed hundreds of years ago. Legends says that it was invented by a Buddhist nun called Ng Mui, she fled from the Shaolin temple, which was burnt down by the Ching dynasty emperor who considered the Shaolin temple to be a threat. Ng Mui studied the actions of the snake and crane and she created a new fighting system based on this and taught it to a girl named Yim Wing Chun.


Yim wing Chun eventually got married and taught this system to her husband, which was so beloved to him that he named the system Wing Chun.

Dr Leung Jan from Foshan China is one of the Wing Chun successors recorded in history. Leung Jan taught a student named Chan Wah Shun and he taught the infamous Ip Man.

Ip man, famously known for teaching superstar Bruce Lee and he’s dedication to developing and spreading Wing Chun

Kung fu.

At present, Sifu Garry ‘Abdul Malik’ McKenzie completed his Wing Chun training under Ip man’s youngest son Ip Ching and established ‘The Wing Chun School’ in 1990.  TWCS is one of the top Wing Chun Schools in London and

 has over a dozen of branches across London with more than 50 instructors and hundreds of students.

Sifu Alam Hossain
Sifu Alam Hossain - Lineage

From generation 1- 6, the Wing Chun system has been handed down by one successor.

The first 5 predecessors believed that Wing Chun should be taught in secret and only taught to one person through a scrupulous selection process.  From Leung Jan onwards, the idea of choosing one successor was no longer practiced and Wing Chun was taught to many and openly.  

Wing Chun has evolved through each successor.  Adapting to the times is very important.  Wing chun from Ng Mui’s era compared to Wing Chun of today 2020 is quite different.  Principles and concepts are still the same and will always remain unchanged.  However, our method of attack, training, approach. Etc needs to adapt to the ever-changing and evolving world of martial arts.

I am very grateful to be part of the Wing Chun lineage, my name is under the 11th generation.  I hope that I may find a student who will inherit the full system of me and become part of the 12th generation Wing Chun Kuen successors.

‘詠春傳正統,華夏振雄風’‘Wing Chun passed down through direct lineage, Chinese martial art maintains its invincible power’.